Apple sold a BILLION iPhone 5s to early adopters. I have to admit I was one of them (especially when I found out work would foot the bill). But I couldn’t find one single, solitary case I liked enough to cover mine up. I had my eyes on this Kate Spade case but when they added a hologram to the iPhone 5 version I found it a little hokey. So I put it off and lived to regret it.

Word to the wise: When a very tall gentlemen (like NCAA basketball player tall) offers to hold your purse so he can better spin you on the Smith Point dance floor, say “No.” He will inevitably drop it and you’ll watch in slow motion as it comes crashing down on the concrete floor. You’ll be left with a 2-inch-long crack on the screen of your 2-week-old phone.

This sob story could have been prevented had I realized that Society6 offers iPhone cases. When you fall in love with a print from one of your favorite artists, you have the option of purchasing it for your phone — just select the model. Now there’s no excuse for going unprotected.

Society6 iPhone Covers

First row: Colors 201 | Black and White Queen Annes Lace | Minimal Speaker Project / Ninety-Five | Sea Green

Second row: Salt Water Cure | Ciao | Dots | Glitter Stripe // All cases via Society6, $35 each


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